Benefits of Strength Training with Weights

Benefits of Strength Training with Weights

Many individuals who exercise or are new to the fitness world feel strength training is only associated with more experienced athletes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are too many physical, health, and mental benefits to leave strength training out of your workout schedule.  Here is why and how you should include this important piece into any training program:

  • Not only does strength training increase your physical work capacity, it also improves your ability to perform activities of daily living (ADL’s).  You will be able to work harder and longer with the proper weight training activities.
  • It improves bone density.  One of the best ways you can control bone loss as you age is to add strength training into your workout plan.
  • It promotes fat-free body mass with decreasing sarcopenia.  The lean muscle mass that we all work so hard for decreases with age.  If we don’t add strength training to our routine then it will turn into fat.
  • It Increases the strength of connective tissue, muscles, and tendons. This leads to improved motor performance and decreased injury risk.
  • It improves your quality of life as you gain body confidence.  Strength training will not only make you strong, but will also help with managing your weight.

At ProSport Performance, we’re experts at teaching kids, adolescents and adults proper physical exercise based on the common goal of improving overall athleticism, health, wellness and function.

We use a unique approach to optimize sports performance through movement training. We educate and train our clients to achieve the highest level of performance. Our program design is proved to help individuals perform at their peak, improve overall health and wellness and reduce the likelihood of injury.

We believe every client is an athlete in his or her own way, and we help all our athletes achieve excellence. For more information on ProSport Performance programs, visit or call 949.709.2411.

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