Who We Are

about-usProSport Performance, Inc. provides the highest standards in sports performance enhancement and personal training, using individually designed programs based on the latest breakthroughs in strength and conditioning. To prevent injury, we use the principles of proper movement techniques supported by evidence-based sports medicine.

We’re experts at teaching kids, adolescents and adults proper physical exercise based on the common goal of improving overall athleticism, health and wellness, and overall function.

We believe every client is an athlete in his or her own way, and we help all our athletes achieve excellence.

Our Difference

ProSport Performance, Inc. uses a unique approach to optimize sports performance through movement training. We educate and train our clients to achieve the highest level of performance. Our program design is proved to help individuals perform at their peak, improve overall health and wellness and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Our facility was designed to enable us to train athletes, individuals and groups move more efficiently; enhance agility, speed, and power; and build traditional strength and muscular endurance.

We offer each client functional movement screens based on the latest sports medicine research performed by highly experienced sports physical therapists, as well as athletic performance testing and evaluation, to determine a training baseline and to target areas needing the greatest improvement to optimize overall function.