“One of the best training decisions I ever made”

Working with Robert at ProSport Performance was one of the best training decisions I ever made. Not only did he help me get back to playing soccer at the International level after my pregnancy, he created a personalized workout regimen that got me stronger and faster.  Robert was knowledgeable, patient, motivating, and fun to train with.

— Amy Rodriguez
US Pro Soccer Forward
Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist
World Cup Winner 2015

“My training with Todd and Robert allowed me to fulfill my dream”

sam-philippiI started working out at ProSport with Todd and Robert when I was heading into my junior season of football at J Serra Catholic High School, and ended the day before I departed for the University of Pennsylvania.

When I first started my training, Robert took me through a series of tests. He then proceeded to create a personal plan for me that included corrective exercises to improve my flexibility, strength, and overall mobility to stay more efficient and injury free on the field.
On the other hand, my training with Todd included speed development, sprint mechanics, and explosiveness training in order to improve my overall physical preparedness.

My training with both Todd and Robert allowed me to reach my full potential as a high school athlete, which allowed me to fulfill my dream of playing college football at the Division One level. When I arrived at Penn, I found that the transition into college football was made easy due to physical preparation ProSport provided me.

My time spent training was always enjoyable and entertaining. All the trainers and staff were always unbelievably friendly and helpful, especially when accommodating my busy schedule. I firmly believe that without my time spent training with ProSport Performance I would not be where I am today. Thank you, ProSport Performance, for everything!

— Sam Philippi
University of Pennsylvania Football

“Perform at the highest level on the pitch”

didlerRobert and the Performance training & rehabilita-
tion team at ProSport helped me stay healthy so I could perform at the highest level on the pitch. As a Sports Physio with a background in soccer, he knew how to get me back to full fitness to play the position required and be at the top of my game. Robert was very professional and I would highly recommend him and the services of ProSport Performance.

— Didier Crettenand #21
Professional Soccer Player
OC Blues

“Stronger, faster, more agile”

I can’t say enough positive things about ProSport Performance and what they’ve done for my college softball career. Prior to attending classes at ProSport I had attended other training facilities but felt I was not given the necessary attention I needed to maximize the benefits of lifting, agility, etc. The small training groups at ProSport allow for more one on one instruction and definitely a more comfortable environment amongst the other athletes. The coaches pushed me to my limits and challenged me to get better all while being mindful to educate me on proper form to prevent injury.

I woke up each morning eager to walk into ProSport because I knew if I worked hard and gave everything I had that day, the coaches had my back and were going to help me reach my strength and agility goals in every way, shape, and form possible.

Perhaps what I liked most was that the coaches modified certain exercises and lifts to cater to my sport, which shows how important each individual athlete is in their gym. When I got to college I was ready to hit the ground running, knowing the proper ways to do many different exercises, all while feeling confident in the athlete they helped me become: a stronger, faster, and more agile female athlete than ever before.

Rachel Phillips

“I trusted Robert and his team”

After having knee surgery, I came to ProSport because I trusted Robert and his team to get me back to full fitness as quickly as possible. As a professional athlete, I was not satisfied with just getting back into walking around shape and Robert knew what my goals were and what was required of me on the field. He pushed me and I came out of the rehabilitation and conditioning process stronger than before. Robert was extremely professional and I would highly recommend him and ProSport to anyone. Thanks Robert!

Patrick Lane
Pro Soccer Player/Goalkeeper

“Improve speed on the soccer field”

When our 15-year-old daughter, Kate, wanted to improve her speed on the soccer field a few years ago, we knew exactly where to turn.  Having worked with Robert Spang and Pro Sport in other capacities, we were excited to learn about Todd Riech and his expertise in this area.  Todd was great to work with.  First and foremost, his enthusiasm and love for what he does is evident in every session.  He is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and a true expert in his field.  We saw a noticeable improvement in Kate’s speed in a relatively short period of time and have continued attending Todd’s training on and off for years.  I would strongly recommend Todd and Pro Sport to anybody without hesitation.  Thank you, Todd!

— Kristin Olson

“It has completely changed my idea of fitness”

Working out with Todd at ProSport was a really great experience. It has completely changed my idea of fitness and my everyday lifestyle. The way ProSport focuses on technique over anything else is something I really admire, especially when I first started with Todd’s classes. I always enjoyed the classes, and it was something I would look forward to. After learning how to safely and properly lift weights, I feel it is an extremely important skill to have for a healthy lifestyle. ProSport helped me establish fitness skills that I still use today in college. Thank you!!!

— Sarah Wattenberg

“I’ve been impressed”

I am an Orthopedic Surgeon with over 40 years of experience. I served as Chief Medical Officer in charge of the complete venue for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. In addition I was the team physician for the Nadadores Swim Team for 13 years, El Toro High School, and Mission Viejo High School Football Programs for over 15 years.

Because of my involvement in sports medicine for so many years I am always looking for people with knowledge of training, conditioning, and prevention of injuries.

Mike Axe has been one of these individuals. He has extensive knowledge of physiology, biomechanics, and recovery from injuries. I’ve also been impressed with his pre-competitive training techniques that prevent injuries.

In addition, he is a nice, decent, ethical, and honest person. That is why I not only have all of my family training with him, but also send as many of my athletes and players at Mission Viejo High School to him pre-season and for recovery post injury.

Mark J. Legome, M.D.
Longevity Orthopedic Center, Inc.
Mission Viejo, CA

“Mike has proven to be one of the best”

For the past several years, I have entrusted Mike with my training, and the training of my two sons who both played high school football for Mission Viejo and have since gone on to play at the college level. I have been, and continue to be impressed with Mike’s training knowledge and personal commitment to the athletes he trains.

For example, my youngest son had back surgery following his freshman football season. Mike worked closely with my son’s orthopedic surgeon to safely and quickly rehabilitate his back following surgery. Mike’s commitment to training young athletes is why my son was fully released and played football only five short months after his surgery.

I have been training for many years and have seen many trainers with my involvement with weight training and athletics. Mike has proven to be one of the best I have seen and worked with over the years.

Kevin Bland
Mission Viejo, CA

“All our training needs are met”

Todd Riech has kept me in shape for the last six years. I came to him with a hip injury and he helped me to recover quickly. Now I am stronger than ever!

My sons, Joshua and Noah, have trained in the ProSport Performance group classes, which has been extremely beneficial for them with their sports.

The gym is clean and well equipped and the staff members are all helpful. I am so fortunate to have such a great facility where both my kids’ – and my own – training needs are met.

Kolleen Dunphy

“By far our favorite coach”

Mike has been working with my son Matt for three years now and by far is our favorite coach for off season training. Mike keeps the boys active and tuned into their skill development. He truly likes the boys and they can feel that good energy.

Thank you Mike for all you do for the boys in developing them into great football players and more importantly great young men.

Gail Ann L.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

“I couldn’t imagine training anywhere else”

ProSport Performance has been my home for the past year and a half. I couldn’t imagine training anywhere else. The atmosphere at ProSport is phenomenal with very professional and knowledgeable coaches.

I have really enjoyed working with Todd Riech. He is not only passionate about his work, but he is focused on improving his clients regardless of their age or ability in order to help them reach their maximum potential. Todd is exceptional at identifying each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses in order to create the most efficient program for that individual.

The workouts introduced to me by ProSport Performance have truly changed the way I look at training and have helped me reach a new level of success that I never imagined possible. I can’t thank everyone at ProSport Performance enough for the time and dedication they have put into making my dreams come true.

Brittany Borman
Olympian – Javelin
USA Track & Field

“Working with John has prolonged my career”

I play professional baseball. Have been playing for 18 years. Since the first day I arrived at ProSport Performance John has been my trainer. From day one he has always made sure I am pushing at 100%. Every training session brings something new and I see the changes in my body and work ethic everyday. Working with John has prolonged my career with his workouts and his passion. He’s truly been a lifesaver as I continue my baseball career.

— Jerome Williams
Professional Baseball Player

“One of the best investments we’ve made for our children”

bryant-brothersA big thank you to ProSport Performance — Robert, Greg and Todd — for their expertise and knowledge in developing my boys (Jonathan & Michael) both physically and mentally to compete effectively at the NCAA college and club soccer highest levels. These coaches are by far the very best at what they do, and you’ll see major improvements in your kids’ endurance, muscle development, agility, speed, and strength. If you want to prevent injuries, gain an edge on your competition and see results, then invest in your kids’ athletic future at ProSport Performance. One of the best investments we’ve made for our children.

Michael Bryant

“We’re treated like family”

brandon-schellinIn thinking of my training at ProSport, it really kind of defines the thought of working together as a team, like family. Every member of the staff in the Rancho Santa Margarita facility treats each and every patient as if they are a family member, giving them individualized attention and also working on team building in a fun and positive atmosphere.

Every week, we worked together in small training groups with the guys and I think that we gained much more than physical strength and conditioning. We kind of gained a spirit that shared the same heart. We all were focused on meeting the goal of gaining the “Trifecta” and ProSport was right there believing with us each and every step of the way.

We might not have been the best players out there on the ice, but our spirit and the way we played with that common heart, we truly soared! ProSport continued helping me individually the next season as I was taken out in a game and I hurt my shoulder.

As a goaltender who had plans to go play out east the next season, I came to Robert asking him to please help me. Within moments, Robert laid out the plan and I worked with he and Todd and Greg and I made it back in record time, stronger than ever. They even recommended equipment that I could purchase for my home to do each day to continue to build strength on my own which has been huge. ProSport came to my rescue and helped me to get back on top of my game.

When I left SMCHS to play at Avon Old Farms, the ProSport staff still helped me out when I would come back for vacations and holidays. Robert, Greg, and Todd where so helpful with keeping my strength and flexibility at its peak performance and it was a major help in the process of off ice training. I owe them so much, as I made the top varsity squad my first year out east and was even able to return to Nationals with my fall season team.

ProSport is not only a family that cares about their athletes, but they are all so trained that they don’t push you to hurt your body, but rather, they push me to do my very best in a safe environment. They are all great guys and I can’t thank them enough!

Brandon Schellin
Ice Hockey
Avon Old Farms School
Avon, CT

“Robert is amazing”

Our 14 year old, Grant, trained with Robert one-on-one for three weeks to prepare him for high school football, just after healing from a shoulder injury from baseball.

Robert is amazing. He focused on strengthening Grant’s shoulder to get him ready for weight training, and worked with Grant to improve his overall quickness and agility.

The training really prepared my son to begin the grueling process of Summer football conditioning and weight training, and I’m happy to say his shoulder is 100% better.

If you are considering a speed and agility program, I know Grant would highly recommend Robert!

Bonnie Wilson

His vision and direction for my team has enhanced my teams endurance, fitness, and speed in very measurable ways

As the head coach of teen athletes I could not recommend ProSport Performance and trainer John Poblete highly enough. His vision and direction for my team has enhanced my teams endurance, fitness, and speed in very measurable ways. Over the past year that my team has been working with John I have seen each player grow athletically and develop new skills from the training they receive while at ProSport. The best testimonial I can give is what I hear the girls say about their session with John. They all complain about how tough the workout is going to be, but not one of them ever wants to miss a session. John connects with my team on a real level that allows them to know he is pushing them for their own good, and not just to get done with the session. My team looks forward to their workout with John and I have seen the benefits of that time with him. I would use ProSport and John with any team that I am part of.

— Ken Lancos
Head Coach Cyclones 2003 Travel Softball
Head JV Coach Northwood HS Softball

“He helps me identify my weaknesses and encourages me to turn them into strengths”

I’ve been training with John for almost three months now, and I feel a lot stronger and faster on the soccer field. He is a great trainer because he really pushes you to your limits and past them as well. He helps me identify my weaknesses and encourages me to turn them into strengths. John is a trainer that really cares for you not only as an athlete but also as a person. I’m very pleased with his work so far, and I’m looking forward to becoming a better version of myself under his tutelage.

— Kevin Jeon

“Great compliment to traditional practice sessions”

Any parent with growing kids who are active in sports knows how challenging it can be to keep them developing while also keeping them healthy.  This is why we greatly appreciate the staff and service offerings at Pro Sport Performance.  Our son, Jack, has had the privilege of being coached by Charlie Noble on the soccer field for the last three years and has grown tremendously in the sport during that time.  In addition to that, Charlie has worked with Jack at Pro Sport to further develop his speed, agility and quickness.  The sessions are not only beneficial, but they’re lots of fun!  Jack has never come home from a session that he didn’t enjoy.  These sessions are a great compliment to the boy’s traditional practice sessions.

Given rapid growth and not enough rest from sports, Jack also found himself in need of some diagnostics and physical therapy for his lower back.  So once again, we turned to the services of Robert Spang, as we have many times in the past.  I honestly don’t know where to start or end in my compliments to Robert for his expertise and professionalism.  He is always focused on getting to the root cause of the problem.  He spent an enormous amount of time assessing Jack, stretching him, and developing a physical therapy regimen for home.  Praises and thanks to Robert and the staff at Pro Sport Performance!

— Kristin Olson

“Todd and ProSport proved me wrong”

My name is Tyler Edwards and I have trained at Prosport Performance for about 4 years now.  The facility is great along with the people that work there.  Todd Riech has trained me since I started there and has always been very supportive and involved in my training.  I came in at 6’1” 170 pounds, which was mostly fat.  Now I am 197 pounds with the majority of it being muscle.  I used to think I could never look like or perform as some of the athletes I’ve seen and admired, but Todd and ProSport proved me wrong and I couldn’t have made a better choice to start working with them and my progress is proof of their quality.

— Tyler Edwards
Track & Field Collegiate Athlete

“Mike’s professionalism and results never wane”

Mike trained & rehabbed me as a competing USA Olympian. What sets Mike apart from the other strength and conditioning coaches (including Olympic Training Center coaches), is that he custom tailors each program to the athlete and his specific needs and goals. His professionalism and results never wane from one athlete to the next and he manages his clients and time with a ruthless efficiency that only someone with the elite experience of a former Army Ranger such as Mike possesses.

— Tim Schaaf
Team USA
Skeleton & Bobsled

“They enjoyed it because they could see the results”

Our two sons, Conner and Blake, trained with the ProSport Performance Team (Rob, Todd and Mike) over the Spring and Summer to prepare for their respective football seasons. Conner graduated from SMCHS in 2015 and is now playing for Lehigh University in the Patriot League; Blake is a freshman at SMCHS.

Without a doubt, the ProSport Performance Team made an impact on both boys. What I liked most about the training is that the boys wanted to train—they enjoyed it because they said they could see the results, which was important to keep them motivated.

Also, I think the training approach was perfect for a sport like football where you need to work on strength, agility, power and speed. The ProSport Performance Team has the experienced trainers to hit each element the right way and they broke up the training into components to extract maximum effort in shorter bursts.

Having the ProSport Performance Team located at the same place as ProSport Physical Therapy was perfect as my boys had to get treatments while they were in training related to old nagging issues. The PT allowed them to keep training while they mended and their PT was coordinated with their training to assure there were no further injuries. By the time football season rolled around, the boys were more than ready, and come off-season, they will be back at ProSport Performance for sure!

— Gino and Amie Bianchini

“I partnered with an amazing trainer named John”

My journey began 2 years ago, Goals were set, Goals were exceeded-I partnered with an amazing trainer named John Poblete, a man who has knowledge of performance training and nutrition-John saw what I needed and began the process of true transformation-John would not let me stop, nor settle even when I thought I could go no further-John has the backing of an excellent Performance Facility with all of the necessary equipment to reach your goals-2 years in, still going strong, more goals and continued growth-Love, Trust and Respect will create success-I cannot thank John or ProSport enough-Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

— Rose Concilio

“Lisa’s ‘fitness on the turf has changed my life”

Lisa Riech’s “Fitness on the Turf” class has changed my life! Whereas I used to view exercise as a miserable chore, I now view it as the 2 hours each week that I improve my health and well-being. My goal was to increase my overall strength and balance. That has happened and more. My body is becoming toned. Also, because of Lisa’s background in Physical Therapy, she can tailor your workout to accommodate prior injuries, like my lower leg fracture in 2003. Come join us!

— Barbara Wright, RN